• Bartholomew Beal: a Derby Winner

    Bartholomew Beal: a Derby Winner

    We were lucky enough to be invited to the opening of Barley's solo show at the Derby Museum, entitled Saint Mondays and Thereby Hangs a Tale.

    During the year-long Jonathan Vickers residency bestowed upon him by the Derbyshire Community Foundation, Barley has uncovered the human soul of his adopted city of Derby, extracting and exploring local anecdotes, legends and stories to inform his work, employing his remarkable curiosity, wit and artistic ability to breath life into them once more.

    The resulting paintings in this final show celebrate Derby's past in a mystical, abstract present. The group of works are truly captivating and show a mastery that belies his youth.

    Unmissable.The city ought to be very proud of its newest champion. We can't wait to show his work again next year.

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