• Just in time

    So they ALL said not to miss Christian Marclay's recent video installation 'The Clock' at White Cube Mason's Yard.

    If - like me - you did, then luckily it'll be featuring in British Art Show 7, a curated showcase of 'the most influential' contemporary art from the last 5 years and displayed across four cities. 39 artists have work on show; some well-known, others less familar. I can hardly wait so I'll soon be off to Nottingham where it has just opened, but for the more patient among you, it goes to the Hayward Gallery in London on February 16th, to Glasgow at the end of May and Plymouth on September 17th 2011.

    Well worth a look just to see Marclay's carefully assembled, seamless collage of filmclips relating to every second of a 24 hour clock, the fragments painstakingly placed to run in real time. Such an epic project will no doubt prove to be as thought-provoking and powerful as has been reported.

    However, The Clock is not the chief reason for my pilgrimage: one of my absolute favourite artists, Charles Avery also has an installation in the show from his ongoing project, 'The Islanders'. If you haven't already heard of him you soon will. Depicting a fictional world has been the focus of his artistic career, through installation, sculpture, paintings. drawings and prints. His work is delicate and humourous, and yet simultaneously deeply profound - boy, can the man use a pencil!

    Well worth penning into your new, 2011 diary.